What’s the Word? Words


As an educator and a communicator, it will come as no surprise that I love words. I love the perfect combination of words. I love the sounds of certain words. I love finding just the right word to articulate precisely what I?m thinking or feeling. Once I conveyed this sentiment to a friend who has a background in accounting, and to give her a sense of my pleasure at anything verbal, I told her that words to me feel like a warm shower. I just love the cascade and cadence of a well-turned phrase. She said, ?I feel the same way about numbers.? To each his own.

Two of my favorite words are scintillating and capricious. I love how they sound and I love what they mean. I look for opportunities to pop them into my conversations and writings whenever I can. There?s an adage that states: ?A picture is worth a thousand words?. Perhaps. But I can tell you that I would derive great pleasure from finding just the right thousand words to describe the picture to someone who couldn?t see it. High Verbal/Linguistic score on Gardner?s Multiple Intelligences Inventory, anyone?

What are your favorite words? Why do you like them? How do you use them? Fill my coffers with new vocabulary and I shall be rich indeed!