What’s the Word? WIIFM


Ok, so WIIFM isn?t really a word, but if you?re in sales, you know what it means. It stands for What?s In It For Me? And if you can?t get your potential clients to discover the WIIFM in your product or service, chances are slim that they?ll become actual clients, let alone repeat clients. No one is going to buy a product or service just because they like you. At least not for long. And the reason someone buys is seldom because you present a compelling reason that it?s good for YOU. A buyer needs to know why it?s good for him or her. What need does it fulfill? What problem does it solve?

So while it may be an effective sales technique to connect a buyer with the inherent value and efficacy of whatever it is you?re selling, it?s only effective if the focus stays on the other person.

 In sales and in relationships, the moment I begin to focus on what?s in it for ME is the moment that I begin to lose my grip on the sale or suck the life out of a friendship. Successful people give, they share information, they compliment others, and they take joy in connecting people. One very successful international networking organization says it this way: Givers gain.

 Gary Vaynerchuk describes this social media technique in his book, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

 It?s true for business and it?s true in relationships. My challenge for you this week is to be intentional about finding the WIIFM in someone else?s life and providing it. Then come back and share your experiences!