What’s the Word? Tools


My dad is a great troubleshooter. Even without formal training, he could always open the hood of a car and pretty much figure out what was wrong. Garbage disposal not working? Let?s take that sucker apart. Wires, shmires! We can figure this out! And my job was always to hold the flashlight or the tools that were needed.

And what a variety of tools there appeared to be to an impressionable young apprentice! Hammers for making nails disappear, drills for making holes appear, and screwdrivers and wrenches a-plenty! Each tool had its purpose.

I find that in business and in life, having the right tools to do the job right is essential. Just the right word to express a concept, just the right skill to accomplish a task, just the right advice to help me make a decision. Not only do the right tools help me to be effective, but they also keep me from doing damage to a project or a person I?m connected to.

But how can we know what tools we need? And what if we don?t have the right tools? I think it?s imperative that we acknowledge that the right tools will rarely appear without some initiative on our part. Adults use their words to ask for what they need.

Do you need a skill? Pursue training to get it.

Do you need advice? Seek out a sage and experienced friend or colleague to guide you.

Do you need actual tools? Research and invest in just the right thing to equip yourself to be outstanding.

Share your story of finding just the right tools.