What’s the Word? Meditation


I just wrote a book called Word Sparks: Active Meditations from God?s Word. When I think of the word meditation, I usually think of sitting still, staring into space, and repeating a word or phrase over and over again. I suppose that is one legitimate way to meditate. One definition I found said that meditation is simply thinking deeply about something; ponder; muse; reflect. So it?s more than just, ?I?d better not forget to stop at the dry cleaners after work.? Not much to ponder there.

Giving any topic more than a moment?s attention requires a pause at the very least, and some intentional mental energy, if we?re going to go anywhere with the idea.

And why would we?

Gandhi once said, ?There is more to life than increasing its speed.? Meditation requires us to slow down and reprioritize our mental space. So whether that means sitting in the lotus position or reclining in a chair and staring out the window, the benefits of taking a break from our otherwise harried and frenetic pace are numerous.

We appreciate and enjoy life and people more fully.

We use paths in our brains that might otherwise lie fallow.

We give our bodies a break from stress.

What we choose to ponder is up to us. I?ve chosen to orient my meditations on the Bible, as that?s the foundation upon which I base my values and priorities. Others may choose to focus on relationships or nature or knowledge.

What if you found 5 minutes to sit quietly, breathe deeply, and think today? If you want a jump start for thoughts, I know a great book you could buy on Amazon?.