What’s the word? Lift


Have you ever seen a group of colorful hot air balloons floating silently in a cloudless sky early in the morning? There are fewer things I?ve glimpsed accidentally that so consistently take my breath away. At first they?re just dots in the distance. But what?s that? It?s color, and it?s moving. Oh! I see three! They?re balloons!

From far away hot air balloons seem to be drifting aimlessly, but when close, one can see that there is effort and purpose to their flight. The whoosh! of the propane flame continually reheats the air in the balloon so it will keep rising. (I?m not a science gal, but I remember learning that heat rises.) Someone in that basket has to know what he?s doing to keep the balloon afloat! In addition, the weather conditions have to be perfect so the wind doesn?t take the balloon off in an unexpected direction or cause the balloon to tilt in such a way that the flame ignites it. Just the right air, just the right conditions, just the right know-how to keep the unique experience going.

I would like to have my life lifted in quiet beauty like a hot air balloon. To have just the right combination of external conditions and internal purpose to lift me higher and higher toward my goals.  Some things I can?t control: weather and actions and reactions of other people. Some things I can control, like having things in my life that lift me and fill me to my potential. For me it?s good books, my faith, and interesting people. I don?t want to live aimlessly, drifting on the whims of things I can?t control, but I want to intentionally put more things in my life to make it rise give it some whoosh!

What fills you? How can you get more of that in your life?