What’s the Word? Lemonade


Several years ago, in a season when I had the delight of spending time weekly with a young college friend of mine, I decided to teach her a life lesson that actually ended up being very educational for me.

My young friend had experienced some weeks of frustration and heartache, so I thought it was a good time in the mentoring process to dust off the ?when-life-hands-you-lemons-make-lemonade? axiom. I brought lemons, a knife, and a pitcher to her dormitory and began, with an affected and sage demeanor, to expound upon the insight required to turn negative life circumstances into positive growth experiences. We cut the lemons, squeezed the juice into the pitcher and added water.

?Time to drink to life lessons,? I toasted.

And we took a sip of our creation.

And puckered.

No sugar!

My take-away? When life hands you lemons, make lemonade, for sure. But YOU are responsible for bringing your own sugar to the mix! Before I can begin to turn my negative circumstances into a positive learning experience, I must intentionally decide to do so. And then I bring what I can to the equation. My skills, my past experiences, my resources. Only then will my beverages of life be potable.

What lemons has life handed you recently? And where are you getting your sugar to add?