What’s the Word? Integrity


This is going to sound strange, but watching a Miley Cyrus video made me think of integrity. Bear with me?

I won?t post the link to the video because it?s not exactly family friendly, but watching Wrecking Ball, mouth agape, shaking my head, had me thinking to myself, ?This girl has no idea what she?s singing about!? It?s a rather poignant song with a strangely incongruent video. That?s when I thought of integrity, one definition of which is ?the state of being complete or undivided?. This visual/musical encounter was not.

When people have integrity, they possess high moral principles or professional standards. They can be counted on to do the right thing. The Latin word integer means entire, and this is the root of integrity. It connotes a wholeness of person when we use it to refer to one who is a standup kind of guy because his outer behavior reflects his inner conviction.

This wholeness resonates with us, I believe, because we were created to live in it. It?s why every creed and religion rejects the idea of hypocrisy: saying one thing and doing something else. Because healthy people are whole people, and we know where we stand when we know what we?re getting. But easier said than done, right?

Why is that? What is broken inside us that makes us hide? Why do we feel pressure to exert energy to present something that we?re not, knowing that everyone else is broken in some way, too? And wouldn?t it be liberating to acknowledge both the fantastic and flawed characteristics in our personalities, and just live?

Who do you know that exhibits integrity? Where have you recognized a disconnect in your own life at times? What are some ways you?ve moved toward living out your inner convictions?