What’s the Word? Hooks


If I could, I would live my life with nothing but hooks for hanging my clothes. I hate folding things and putting them in drawers or on hangers. I have a friend who finds it therapeutic; I find it tedious. If my room and closet were lined with rows of hooks from as high as I could reach to as low as was practical, I?m convinced that I would launch a new era of productivity in my life with the time I would save by not folding and putting away my clothes.

But I?ve noticed that when I hang things on hooks sometimes I walk around with an unsightly lump in one shoulder of a sweater. That bulge where the hook was? Not attractive.

It makes me wonder if the quickest solution isn?t always the best solution in the long run. And what?s true with clothes may be true in other areas of life. Yeah, I?m bright like that.

I want things to be effortless. Without forethought. Who am I kidding? Without afterthought, either. Sloth is my default. But it doesn?t pay off over time. I don?t want my life full of shoulder lumps. (A new Fergie song perhaps?) I see the advantage ? I really do! ? in taking time to do things right up front so there?s a superior outcome. Why not be proactive? Why not take a moment now to prevent lumps later? My time isn?t so limited or so valuable that I need to save 30 seconds by throwing clothes on a pile instead of folding or hanging them properly. That pile of bills? Same thing. The friend I should call, the book I should write, the exercise?(don?t get me started on the exercise!)

I recently met a friend whose trademark question has become, ?How about now?? What I?ve been doing hasn?t produced the results I?d like sartorially or in any other way, so how about now, indeed?