What’s the Word? Glasses


I started wearing glasses when I was 11. It was spring, and when I came out of the doctor?s office and could see even the smallest branches budding, I said to my mother, ?The trees have individual leaves on them!? It was the first time I realized that the universe had detail and definition. I didn?t know what I had been missing.

While glasses (and subsequently contacts) have allowed me to function successfully in this world, sometimes seeing clearly reveals things that aren?t pretty. Does it mean I would be better off going back to a fuzzier version of reality? Not at all! I would rather see everything clearly; at least that way I know what I?m dealing with.

Pretending not to know the truth about something or someone only sets us up to trip or walk into a wall. I?ll take the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, thank you very much. Then I can map my course and walk with confidence.

What do you need to see more clearly?