What’s the Word? Generous


My husband is incredibly generous. He doesn?t buy a little something as a gift; he lavishes. When there?s a need, he meets it and then some.

The definition of the word generous means ?giving more than expected or necessary?. Synonyms include lavish, munificent, magnanimous, and openhanded.

I tend to live more in the antonym camp: thrifty, begrudging, stingy, parsimonious. Economically speaking, we complement each other. Where it matters, though, choosing to go above and beyond speaks volumes of the noble character of the giver.

What?s the difference in the mindset of a person who is quick to give and one who hoards, needing to have his fingers pried from his resources? Where does a spirit of generosity come from?

From a place of inner plenty.

There is joy in giving when it?s motivated by the right heart posture. But when my heart is gripped by fear of the future or engulfed in thoughts of me, me, me, the giving is reduced to a trickle instead of a full torrent that blesses.

Conversely, when I?m filled to the brim with gratitude and my priorities revolve around relationships, then the joints of my fingers are oiled with the love in my heart and I give. Joyfully.

Oh that generosity would be a hallmark of my existence!

How do you practice generosity?