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What’s the Word? Erosion


If you?ve ever visited a place like Arches National Park, you?ve seen the beautiful and wondrous effects of wind erosion. Over time, the wind has carved enormous holes in the landscape?s red rocks, leaving arches and bridges scattered for miles.

Sometimes it?s the rain that erodes soil, causing gullies or removing nutrients necessary for plant life to thrive.

One thing that all erosion has in common is that it?s not like a landslide, happening dramatically and instantaneously to change the landscape. It may be natural or man-made in origin, but the effects are incremental. The striking result comes with time.

In many areas of our lives, there are also forces that erode.

Lies erode trust.

Sloth erodes fitness and health.

Bad company erodes good morals.

Discipline erodes lack of ambition.

Service erodes entitlement.

Vision erodes despair.

When we expect instant change or wonder what impact lack of a good environment may have, we would do well to remember that erosion works both ways. Sometimes the smallest step can begin powerful change.