What’s the Word? Energy 


In a world that consistently asks us to plug in or power up to function, the idea of energy has come to mean productivity and action in a very specific sense. Batteries don?t last forever, so we need to be sure to be close to an outlet if we have extensive work to do on our laptops. Because cell phones are used for email, texts, photos, Facebook, (and maybe a few actual phone calls), we often see travelers huddling around power stations at airports to get one last charge before boarding their flights.

As human beings we also need to charge to be productive. Physically, this means getting enough sleep and eating the right foods. Emotionally, it means spending time with positive people and processing feelings in a healthy way. In every area of our lives, there are ways to be intentional about getting energy.

What about passion and purpose?

Where can we go to plug into a source that will feed us energy to pursue the purposes in life for which we are uniquely and wonderfully wired? I once heard a speaker suggest to the audience that even being in a geographical location that feels inspiring is a good place to be to grow and be productive. Paris, here I come! (Like I need an excuse?)

To what or to whom do you go for energy? What inspires you to strive for more and be your best self? How can you consistently make space and time for the things that power you up? Do it this week!