The Word Spark - Conviction

What’s the Word? Conviction


A conviction is an internal, unwavering belief that informs our life choices on many levels. It?s different than merely being convinced because it goes much deeper.

When I?m convinced, I?ll buy a T-shirt.

When I?m convicted, I?ll get a tattoo.

When I?m convinced, I?ll take the free dental floss my dentist offers.

When I?m convicted, I?ll use it.

When I?m convinced, I?ll nod in intellectual assent.

When I?m convicted, I?ll move my whole body to effect some change.

Convictions run deep and they lead to action. They come from and live somewhere deep inside of us, and they tend to be immune to trends, peer pressure, and mood swings. They resonate and take hold in a way that guides and supports everything we do from a career choice to a life mate. And they are more than a solidly framed, logical argument. They help to create our very identities.

Look at your credit card statements and your calendar. They are the truest indicators of your convictions.

What are some convictions in your life?