What’s the Word? Comparison


I have a niece who has recently been giving me some sage advice: Don?t let comparison rob you of your joy.


It?s exactly what happens, isn?t it? I look at someone?s picture of anniversary flowers on Facebook and compare that one photo to my entire 21 years of marriage. That?s apples to apples, isn?t it?

I hear stories about others? children and compare that to any of a number of frustrations I may be dealing with at the moment.

Someone got a new car? Mine stinks. A friend got to go on a great vacation? I hate my life.

?Not fair!? becomes my cry, and resentment sets in.

Thief! Comparison, you have indeed robbed me of my joy. Because now I?ve forgotten that I really do have a great life. I am fed and clothed and housed. I am loved and employed.

So how do I apply the equivalent of ?the club? to the steering wheel of my attitude so that the thief can no longer rob me of my joy?

1.     I can limit my time spent on social media, trolling and stalking, gaining fodder for my grumbling.

2.     I can consciously bring to mind all that I?m thankful for, reveling in the blessings.

3.     I can be intentional about catching people in my life doing something right and praising them. That takes the focus off any gaps I may sense in my own life and places it on celebrating another person.

I?m calling the thought police to take action against the thief! How will you combat the crime?