What’s the Word? Champagne


Is there a substance in the world that?s more celebratory than champagne? Of course, that?s a rhetorical question because the answer is an emphatic no!

Is it the bubbles or something about the POP! of the cork when the bottle is opened? That sound is the essence of celebration to me.

But not everything that bubbles can be called champagne, you know. It has to come from the Champagne region of France. Everything else is just sparkling wine, even if it?s produced in the ?méthode champenoise?.

My views on champagne have changed over the years in two ways:

I don?t need to wait for a monumental event to celebrate. No more waiting for New Year?s Eve or an anniversary to uncork the happiness. It?s Thursday! Let?s celebrate!

No need to waste money on anything but the genuine article. My favorite champagnes are Montaudon and Veuve Clicquot. For mimosas, I?ll relax my standard, but for that Thursday celebration, it?s French or it?s a why-bother.

There are some life lessons here, too. Life is too short to wait for something huge to celebrate, and it?s too short to waste on anything but the real thing. That goes for pursuing my passion, my conversations, and my relationships.

And since it?s trickier to recork champagne, you?d better join me in the celebration; it (and life) should always be shared with others!

What can you celebrate this week?