What’s the Word? Bikes


I simply can?t tell you how much I love riding my bike! It?s nerdy and wonderful and people stop me all the time to either ask where I got it or to hum the song that plays in the Wizard of Oz when the lady who becomes the wicked witch rides to Auntie Em?s farm. I have a big basket on the back and another one on the handlebars so I can go to the grocery store or to the library to tutor students.

Here are a few of the many benefits I derive from my sweet purple cycle:

~ Fresh Air

~ Opportunity to wave to people and say hello around town

~ Exercise

~ Gas Savings

~ Easy Parking

~ Shortcuts

Am I a fair-weather biker? You bet! Little by little I?m expanding my wardrobe and accoutrements to be able to ride in the dark or in inclement weather. But for now, I enjoy my spring and summer daylight jaunts around town. In my mind, I look just like those French girls in Paris. The only thing is they don?t wear helmets and they?ve apparently mastered the art of bike riding in a skirt. That didn?t go so well for me.

What brings you joy and fulfills a practical need?