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I can’t remember when I’ve seen the word draconian used more frequently. It’s a good word.

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What’s the Word? WIIFM

11.08.2014 | Writing

Ok, so WIIFM isn?t really a word, but if you?re in sales, you know what it means. It stands for What?s In It For Me? And if you can?t get your potential clients to discover the WIIFM in your product or service, chances are slim that they?ll become actual clients, let alone repeat clients. No one… read more

What’s the Word? Glasses

5.08.2014 | Writing

I started wearing glasses when I was 11. It was spring, and when I came out of the doctor?s office and could see even the smallest branches budding, I said to my mother, ?The trees have individual leaves on them!? It was the first time I realized that the universe had detail and definition. I… read more

What’s the Word? Generous

30.07.2014 | Writing

My husband is incredibly generous. He doesn?t buy a little something as a gift; he lavishes. When there?s a need, he meets it and then some. The definition of the word generous means ?giving more than expected or necessary?. Synonyms include lavish, munificent, magnanimous, and openhanded. I tend to live more in the antonym camp:… read more

What’s the Word? Scorpions

21.07.2014 | Writing

Sometimes I sting. I don?t mean to, but I do. Like a scorpion, I react to perceived threats ? to my well-being, my reputation, my happiness, my comfort ? with venom. Scorpions have two kinds of venom: the kind that stuns and the kind that kills prey. This is because they use their venom for… read more

What’s the Word? Giraffes

14.07.2014 | Writing

As many parents do when their children are little, I used to play a game with my son while he learned the sounds that various animals made. It would go something like this: ?Charlie, what does a cow say?? ?Moo!? ?What does a doggie say?? ?Woof! Woof!? We played the game with all kinds of… read more