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I can’t remember when I’ve seen the word draconian used more frequently. It’s a good word.

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Pajamas - The Word Spark

What’s the Word? Pajamas

19.12.2014 | Writing

Whether you are like Hugh Hefner and wear silk pajamas as a fashion statement, or you slip into fewer, more comfortable versions of your daytime clothes (or no clothes at all), everyone wears something different for sleeping than they do during the productive, public hours of the day. ?Putting on your pjs? is a timeworn… read more

Arch - The Word Spark

What’s the Word? Erosion

8.12.2014 | Writing

If you?ve ever visited a place like Arches National Park, you?ve seen the beautiful and wondrous effects of wind erosion. Over time, the wind has carved enormous holes in the landscape?s red rocks, leaving arches and bridges scattered for miles. Sometimes it?s the rain that erodes soil, causing gullies or removing nutrients necessary for plant… read more

Word Spark - Crown

What’s the Word? Crown

1.12.2014 | Writing

A couple of years ago I spent 2 grueling hours in the dentist?s chair to have a crown replaced on my right front tooth. Back in 4th grade I hit this tooth on the bottom of the swimming pool while trying to show off for a friend by doing a smiling back flip under water…. read more

The Word Spark - blue sky

What’s the Word? Fine

18.11.2014 | Writing

It occurred to me this morning that in most areas of my life I want more than fine. I want my food to be more than fine to justify the calories. I want my champagne to be more than fine; it has to be real champagne. I want my relationships to be more than fine;… read more

The Word Spark - Matryoshkas

What’s the Word? Matryoshkas

10.11.2014 | Writing

Years ago we had neighbors over for dinner and their little girl had fun playing with my Matryoshka dolls. You may know them better as Russian nesting dolls or Babushka dolls. They are wooden painted dolls, hollow inside except for the last one, and they get smaller and smaller as you open them to reveal… read more