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I can’t remember when I’ve seen the word draconian used more frequently. It’s a good word.

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What’s the Word? Fleur-de-lis

16.12.2015 | Writing

A fleur-de-lis (or fleur-de-lys) has long been recognized as a symbol of French royalty and has appeared for centuries on coats of arms in European cities. It is a widely varying and stylized version of a common lily or iris. The fleur-de-lis? symbolic origins with French monarchs may stem from the baptismal lily used in… read more

What’s the Word? Energy 

9.12.2015 | Writing

In a world that consistently asks us to plug in or power up to function, the idea of energy has come to mean productivity and action in a very specific sense. Batteries don?t last forever, so we need to be sure to be close to an outlet if we have extensive work to do on… read more

What’s the word? Tolerance

2.12.2015 | Writing

My experience has been that the word tolerance is often misunderstood and misconstrued to fit whatever filter we use to see life. The most basic definition of the word tolerate is to allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of something (that one does not necessarily agree with) without making a move to stop it or… read more

What’s the Word? Attachment

25.11.2015 | Writing

I?m a huge fan of office supplies. Recently, on a long walk, I stopped at our local Staples to use the restroom and treated myself to a stroll down the aisles?all of them?on the way out. I purchased nothing, but the sights and smells of pens, papers, and packaging materials gave me renewed vigor for… read more

What’s the Word? Story 

18.11.2015 | Writing

Who doesn?t have a visceral response to the hypothetical question, ?Do you want to hear a story?? We either roll our eyes or lean in, but we respond with more than just our heads when the possibility of a once-upon-a-time tale presents itself, don?t we? It?s more engaging than the most riveting PowerPoint presentation, and… read more