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I can’t remember when I’ve seen the word draconian used more frequently. It’s a good word.

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What’s the Word? Effluence

7.01.2014 | Writing

I have to be honest: I had to look this one up. As I was walking one morning, I saw this sign and I can?t let an unknown word go unexplored. Some people are like that with hiking trails or mountains. It?s like that with vocabulary for me. Effluence: Something that flows out or forth,… read more

What’s the word? Lift

2.01.2014 | Writing

Have you ever seen a group of colorful hot air balloons floating silently in a cloudless sky early in the morning? There are fewer things I?ve glimpsed accidentally that so consistently take my breath away. At first they?re just dots in the distance. But what?s that? It?s color, and it?s moving. Oh! I see three!… read more

What’s the Word? Critters

30.12.2013 | Writing

As I?ve been spending some time walking in the desert over the past couple of weeks, I?m acutely aware of an underlying (ok, sometimes right at the surface) fear of critters rustling around in the brush. Even though I?m on a paved trail, in a populated community, right next to a golf course, I?m just… read more

What’s the Word? And

21.12.2013 | Writing

Does anyone remember the 3-minute clips called Schoolhouse Rock, that ran between cartoons on Saturday mornings years ago? This brilliant device is how children of the 70?s learned about the American Revolution, the solar system, and how a bill becomes a law. I only remembered the Preamble to the American Constitution because I sang it to… read more

What’s the Word? Context

17.12.2013 | Writing

The other day I was in the grocery store, deciding whether or not I waned to buy organic bananas, when a woman bumped into my cart and said, ?Excuse me.? I moved. She did it again. So I looked up (slightly perturbed) to see a young mom, with a toddler in her cart, beaming at… read more