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I can’t remember when I’ve seen the word draconian used more frequently. It’s a good word.

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What’s the Word? Pearls

23.01.2016 | Writing

Coco Chanel is known for saying that a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls. I couldn?t agree more. We refer to wise words as ?pearls of wisdom?, but you don?t want to ?cast pearls before swine?, of course, so be careful to share that wisdom with one who will be appreciative. Pearls are highly… read more

What’s the Word? Value

16.01.2016 | Writing

We know a man who has said many times, ?The value of something is whatever someone is willing to pay for it.? And while this may be true of things like used furniture and real estate, it seems to me there are other things that have inherent value outside of a dollar figure. People have… read more


What’s the Word? Conjunction

6.01.2016 | Writing

Does anyone remember the old Schoolhouse Rock song, ?Conjunction Junction, what?s your function? Hooking up words and phrases and clauses??? Perhaps my favorite in the series. In fact, why not take a 3-minute break from whatever it is you?re doing and watch it here: Conjunction Junction, how?s that function? I got three favorite cars that… read more

Girl with closed eyes

What’s the Word? Blink

30.12.2015 | Writing

Many of us have heard the expression, in the blink of an eye, to refer to events that happen very quickly. In fact, the blink of an eye is very rapid ? less than 1/3 of a second. To make decisions that quickly means that we are trusting something other than logic.  Many times in… read more

What’s the Word? Apostrophe

23.12.2015 | Writing

This will be a departure from my usual blogs, but not a departure from my passion. It is well known by all in my circles that I am a fan of correct grammar and punctuation. Quite frankly, I think it makes the world a better place. I find it comforting and pleasant to read advertisements,… read more